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The Why…

I once heard someone say,

"Life is like a sandbox, the possibilities are endless".

I loved hanging out with kids since before my high school years, but when working at a gymnastics club I was able to coach toddlers on how to do forward rolls and bum drops I realized how fun it was to see them grow into their own selves. This sparked my desire to have kids of my own, and in 2015 I got my wish! My son, Jaime, was born. 9 lbs. 3 oz. with blonde hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen, I wanted to make sure not to forget those first few precious moments... I stared at him for hours while my wife rested in the hospital, and I was hooked. 

Near this time I really started to put a much higher value on the photographs I was taking, in particular of my son. I remember my grandfather reminding me again and again that,

"You need to remember and cherish these moments; tomorrow he'll be off to his own wedding and buying his own house,"

With today's incredible technology we have the power to capture images in a fraction of a second with our cellphones, however until someone inquires about them specifically these tend to fall by the wayside along with the thousands of other photos that we've taken
of random pieces through life, dropped into the semi-conscious statein which social media exists. There for a moment, and then forgotten.

So I began selectively preserving the most memorable photos of my son. Through gallery canvas prints and digital cloud storage backup I can preserve these photos well beyond my life, allowing future generations to see our families lives through my eyes - The most authentic way, Though, to be honest, I'm really only concerned that I have them when I'm chasing my tail in my bathrobe at the seniors home... Kidding! Sort of. 

I combine my love of art and photography with the beautiful act of preservation. I have heard all kinds tragic stories of couples losing all of their wedding photos, or parents not being able to find that one photo they took of their child taking their first bite of cake. This is why I do what I do. It is my most sincere wish to help others avoid that loss and heart ache of realizing that the photo got deleted by accident. 

I hope that you find value in why I do this, and I look forward to working with you to create beautiful and lasting memories from your sandbox of life. 


Welcome to,
The Sandbox.

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