The Lotus Studios Yoga


Yoga is held at:

Lumiere Creative Incubation Space
11034 124 Street NW,
Edmonton, AB


Colchester Community League
23219 TWP 520
Sherwood Park, AB

See classes below for times and locations.

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8 Weeks of Men’s Hatha Yoga!

Beginner/intermediate class begins NOV. 18th, 2019 at 6pm

Learn to perfect each and every pose you take, working through these different flow sequences. We will also work on Pranayama and Meditation Practices throughout the class.

Week One/Two - Sun Salutations A/B with Tree Pose balances

Week Three/Four - Moon Salutations with Arm balances

Week Five/Six - Sun Salutations with Back bends

Week Seven/Eight - Moon Salutations with Arm Balances

Lumiere creative incubation space location - 11034 124 street Edmonton, AB



Eight Weeks of flow - mixed

Beginner/intermediate class begins Oct. 2, 2019 at 5pm

Learn the basics and progress your practice in this 8 weeks of Flow Yoga

We will be exploring Asanas, Pranayama(Breathing) and Meditation practices

Colchester Community League location - 23219 TWP 520, Sherwood Park, AB

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Private Classes are available as well, Contact us below for more info.