Keep it Simple...

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Keep it Simple…

Many times I get ask, “What’s the most we can add to our cake smash?” Or “How many props do we get included?”. Have you ever heard of the phrase Quality over Quantity? This philosophy is true even in photography. Along with “Less is more” In a photograph composition is just as important as what your shooting. Even as important as your exposure settings. You could have the perfect settings and perfect subjects but if your composition is out, everything is going to look off. and out of place. Kind of like those photos you used to take with the disposable Kodak film cameras. Out of the 36 exposures (of the ground) only one made it out and was half decent. ha!

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Less is More

When I start a photo session, I start with nothing. Nothing but the subject. Keep it as clean and bare as possible. Then as we explore different hand positions and postures, we begin to add props or lights in one at a time. Sometimes only staying at one prop/item and just doing a swap. As the session progresses you will get a feel for what is working and what isn’t. The subject might not be comfortable holding an oriental paper fan, ha. What ever you feel is working.

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Their Kids!


When working with children - and even just adults - don’t worry about having everyone looking at the camera. ESPECIALLY the kids!! They are kids!!! LET THEM BE KIDS!!! Save your time/breath in fighting them to do what us adults think is really a good pose and let them be them. Trust me in that The photo will look worse if you get them into the desired position but they are severely uncomfortable/crying whatever. Than if they are in their own position, something that is uniquely them and there is no fussing.


And as I mentioned above, this goes for adults too. Not every photo has to have them looking at the camera. That idea is from the 1800’s when the camera first came into existence. Ya, those photos where you couldn’t smile because you’d be waiting forever so you rest your face in that disgusted poop face that we all have… No this is the 21st Century we can show emotion and movement and interaction in our photographs.

May you be well,

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So let them Be Kids!

Alix and Jaime 2019

Alix and Jaime 2019