A group of specialized photographers set on preserving your legacy.



Co-Owner in The Lotus Studios, Alix Specializes in Children and Newborn Photography. Always looking at the world through their perspective gives us a unique look on what is happening during a session. She is fun, lively and loves kids!

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The original owner of Action Sports Photography, Rod has been around in the photography world for over 50 years. He now only shoots part time and mostly with the sports brand. He is calm and reserved yet very witty.



Co-Owner in the Lotus Studios inc. Craig specializes in Wedding and Family Photography, Bringing the bliss and delight out in every photograph. Capturing using natural light is his favorite form of photography always using every ounce of sunlight to make that perfect shot.

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Primarily an action sports photographer, Patricia is sure to capture not only the most unique situations during the events but most memorable as well. Bringing action and portraits together in a beautiful co-existence.



In charge of everything Admin, Donna runs a tight ship. And when it comes to numbers, no one is better!